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At the bottom of the Blank model template, you will notice there are the following - two square brackets then the word "Category:" followed by another two closing square brackets. This helps MHP pull together horses with similar information simply into one page. When finishing your model entry, you will need to add:

  • Your stud name
  • The breed and sex
  • The colour
  • The show record

The words to use are below. They are not complete, so please let me know when you add your studs, a new colour etc. Through using the same terms, the lists people use to find a mate will be much more accurate. It will also populate the list of horses in your own Stud's page.

Category Terms

Please use these in the exact format they are written, incased in the double square brackets.


  • Category:Arabian Stallion
  • Category:Arabian Mare
  • Category:Arabian Gelding
  • Category:Morgan Mare
  • Category:Dales Stallion


If your horse is more than one colour, you may add more than one category.

  • Category:Bay
  • Category:Black
  • Category:Brown
  • Category:Buckskin
  • Category:Chestnut
  • Category:Cremello
  • Category:Dun
  • Category:Grey
  • Category:Grulla
  • Category:Overo
  • Category:Palomino
  • Category:Perlino
  • Category:Pintaloosa
  • Category:Rabicano
  • Category:Roan
  • Category:Sabino
  • Category:Tobiano


These will be based on the Guide to Pedigree Black Type classifications. Please read those when you start to create your first pedigree. Only add the highest value for your horse. If they have shown and raced, you can enter the highest of each.

Showing Terms

  • Category:Unshown
  • Category:Placed
  • Category:WINNER
  • Category:Championship Placed
  • Category:CHAMPION

Racing terms

  • Category:Unraced
  • Category:Placed
  • Category:WINNER
  • Category:Group Placed
  • Cateogry:GROUP WINNER

Stud Names

  • Category:SRA Arabians
  • Category:BH Bloodstock
  • Category:Blue Blood Stud
  • Category:Karnak Arabians
  • Category:Looking Glass Stud
  • Category:Khepri Stud