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Welcome to Model Horse Pedigrees

the free encyclopedia that model horse owners can edit
Editing 30 articles, since May 2014

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What is Model Horse Pedigrees?

Model Horse Pedigrees is a site dedicated to those who breed and compete model horses. Yes...Model Horses. The aim is to provide a repository for owners to record and share their bloodstock, as well as link to other breeders.

All of the horses on here are bred from real or model horses, following breed and genetic rules. The models achievements are real, having been won in live, photo or postal shows.

In the banner at the top you will notice links to subsections where you can Find a Stallion, Find a Mare, or find out more about Pedigree Research. These areas will help you search the site.

Should you wish to join, please contact me!

Getting started on MHP

So you wish to join - brilliant! Follow these steps to get started.

  • Contact MHP to get an account. To stop spammers, each person is added individually.
  • Have a look around at some of the horses already on the site (such as SRA Gremlin). This will show you what information you can pull together.
  • Log in to your account. Wiki can be scary, so deep breath.
  • Go to the New entries page and press the Edit but on the top right.
  • Add the full name of the horse you wish to add. It should be in double square brackets. The others on the page will show you an example.
  • Press save.
  • Your horse's name will now be in red. This means you can click on this page to add your horses information. Don't click it yet!
  • Open a new window and look at Blank model. This is a template for you to use. Press the edit button, click inside the window and copy all of the information in it.
  • Click on your horse's name on New entries. This will open a blank page. Paste all of the information from Blank model. You can now add all of the information that is about your horse.
  • Remember to press save frequently. You can also use preview to see what it looks like as you go.
  • When all of your information is added, scroll to the bottom of the window. You will need to add Categories.
  • Look at the Categories document and add those that are correct for that model. Remember to include your stud name. If your category isnt there, just let me know.
  • Press save, and look at your page! Isnt it great!
  • You'll notice your Stud name (at the bottom of the page) is in red. Click on it.
  • In a separate window open Blank Stud. Again press edit, copy all of the contents.
  • In your stud page you will notice that it has a list of those horses you've entered. In the window, cut and paste in the Blank Stud information. You can now edit the details.
  • Press save.
  • Now every time you add a horse into that category it will appear in your stud page.

On the right you will notice a selection of useful guides to help you fill in your pages. Don't be scared to contact MHP for help.


These are a number of pages and templates you will need to use in MHP.

Do not amend these without permission.

Useful Guides

Starting your first MHP entry can be daunting. Read these guides for a bit of help.

Rules of MHP
Don't make me sad!

As a MediaWiki project, you are in control of your information. For sanities sake I do have a few rules:

  • Details Only horses (those without bodies yet) can be added, but you must use the image in the Blank model template.
  • Do not use images of others horses without permission. Anyone who is reported for doing this will have images removed, and their access removed.
  • If using pictures of your models taken by other people, please include their names in the caption.
  • Photos must be of the actual model you own. If the model has been sold (but you kept the details), mention this in his/her record but remove the picture.
  • Do not make up a horses achievements. They must be from a recognised organisation or advertised show.
  • Do not edit others pages without permission.
  • Linking to others horses is allowed. If you are linking to a Real (R) horse in a pedigree, please add a link to their stud site in the references section at the bottom of your model or stud page.
  • Do not tinker with the templates. It'll make me cry.
  • Try to link to photos on your own site. If this is possible, ask permission before you upload.
  • Make sure you read the guides before you start to add your models. It helps to start doing it properly, as Wiki is painful to edit.
  • If you arent offering your stallion or mare to outside breeders, note it on their page. No-one wants spam mail.
  • If you sell a horse, you dont need to remove it from the directory. Just make sure you add the new owners details.
  • Dont be mean, rude, obnoxious or sarcastic.

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